It’s been a lengthy journey, Sellshark, however it’s time to market my Mac.

Keep in mind that feeling you had when you sell your device initially unpacked your new Mac? It was wonderful– it was your website into the globe of late evening, online video gaming. It’s ease of use assisted you through plenty of college assignments. And now, you no longer need it– possibly you have a new, better laptop. Or maybe you simply don’t utilize it anymore and also desire some cash. Whatever the factor you intend to offer your Mac, we prepare to earn you an affordable deal. So. Let’s speak about why you should offer your Mac to us rather than putting it on eBay and crossing your fingers.


What’s this Sellshark benefit I maintain finding out about?
At Sellshark, our team believe in win-win situations– that’s why we normally offer more money for your Mac than our rivals. Incidentally, when we mention rivals, we include individuals on Craigslist as well as   When we’ve provided you a quote, we also provide a Thirty Days assurance– basically, deliver us your Mac at any type of factor throughout those Thirty Day, and also we’ll provide you the amount we priced quote. This lets you search if you’re so likely. Ultimately, if you have any type of questions, you could give us a call– we actually answer our phone instead of leaving you hanging with some robot messaging service. These 3 variables are just a small part of the Sellshark Advantage.

Okay– I’m convinced. So exactly how do I offer my Mac to Sellshark?
Over the past year, we have actually structured our process to make it as quick and also very easy as possible for you to market your Mac. Right here’s how it works:

Address a handful of questions about your Mac. Don’t worry– it’s several selection. We just need to recognize the version, screen size, type of processor, disk drive, year, any type of accessories you’re selling, and also its problem. Primarily– the conventional details you would certainly anticipate prior to making a deal.

We promptly make you an offer.
You select how you intend to be paid– PayPal, Square Instant Card, or check.
You complete your shipping details.
Using one of our prepaid delivery labels, you ship your Mac to us.
We receive your Mac, verify its problem, then send you your money.
Where do I start?
Ready to market your Mac for top dollar? Start by clicking on one of the boxes over and also informing us a little extra about your Mac.